Here we have another debut work in the year 2021 that impresses us by its maturity.  A sensory piece full of the most cohesive structures, and that thrills us in its proportions.  This is the EP "In This Heart", released by the Londoner ANU, another art piece conceived through the pandemic block, and full of beautifully precise peculiarities. 

"The Path", with its biting piano at the base, brings a sepulchral poetic melancholy, it is a most touching experience and full of ambient elements.  The title track is an unbridled declaration of love for his muse Ellowen, the great inspiration for the conception of the album as a whole!  The violin attacks on this track and along with ANU's poignant vocals, bring us into another emotionally incisive musical journey. 

The encore with "Forever", is cutting in its suffering, which transitions into an electro-pop universe of the most surprising nature.  It is one of the most exquisite closings for a work that really deserves all the laurels, even more as a debut!  Everything came from a glimpse of creating a community called Wild Heart, and contrary to this dream, ANU went to live for a good period alone.  Lo and behold, the Witch Ellowen changed his course and this WONDERFUL project was born. ANU says about this sensational EP, 'In this heart' is a concept album written from the experience of inhabiting and following my heart.  It is an expression of deep love and vulnerable sensitivity.  Conceived and given birth at the full moon". 

Indie Criollo Spain

ANU offers us In this heart, a song that teaches you how to go towards the moment where emptiness mixes with your reality and you cannot say no to all the emotions that happen within you. What is here is an exceptional proposal, which encourages you to travel in the midst of love and the most delicate heart that you need to understand everything that happens inside you, so enjoy this work without pauses, which you will love.